as Sheriff Will Teasle.

also Director,

Director of Photography,

Casting Director,

Props Master

Ivan Goncharov

as Deputy #1

as National Guardsman #2

also Make-up Artist

Olga Pimenova

as John Rambo

as National Guardsman #3

Vadim Smetanin

as Colonel Samuel Trautman

as Deputy #2

as National Guardsman #1

also Screenwriter,

Film Editor & Web Designer

Stanislav Los

Film is influenced by "First Blood" movie and "Benny Hill Show" TV show. The purpose of this project is to revive interest in what was considered "cool" by us in 1980s. Authors share belief that the world needs fun-promoting, anti-war films now more than ever.


Rated "F" for fun. Filmed on locations in the beautiful city of Alma-Ata by these awesome guys. MMXI



Laurel Laurel2

One-minute film by Ivan Goncharov

Коротокометражный фильм "Рэмбо Хилл" был снят для конкурса одноминутных кинолент.


Фильм вышел за рамки "фестивальнго кино", став уникальным явлением.

Автор идеи, режиссер и исполнитель одной из главных ролей - Иван Гончаров.


Ему удалось большее, чем фильм - подарить минуту радости тем, кто смотрел и кто снимал.


"A pure masterpiece!"

Ivan Goncharov

star5 star5 star5


Olga Pimenova

Vadim Smetanin

Stanislav Los

"Thumbs up!"

"A true classic!"

The short film "Rambo Hill" was created for an international one-minute film competition.


It has succesfully outlived the contest. Now it is a stand-alone piece of art, totally alive and kicking.    

The film's director, Ivan Goncharov, has achieved his ultimate goal.


His movie has delivered at least a minute of fun to more than a thousand viewers around the globe.